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NashVitality Mobile App Toolkit

Posted by nabil on Thursday, May 8, 2014 - in using this site nashvitality mobile app toolkit


The NashVitality app is a free mobile guide to being healthy, active and green in Nashville where you can also track your miles using your smartphone! To make participating in the challenge even easier, download the free NashVitality mobile app on your smartphone then track and log your walking right on your phone. Just select “Record a Workout” from the app’s home screen to get started or follow these easy steps:

Click here to view/download a PDF version of this toolkit.

Step 1. Create a personal profile

If you haven’t already done so, create a personal profile by visiting From the homepage, click the “Register Now” Button then complete the online registration form


Step 2: Download free NashVitality Mobile app

You can download the app to your smartphone from the iTunes Store or Google Play.


Step 3: Record a workout

From the home screen, either select “Record A Workout”  or click “Walk/Run” then  select “Walk 100 with the Mayor” to learn more about the campaign. When you’re ready to track your walking or running activities, return to the “By Foot” screen and select “Record a Workout.”


Step 4: Start your workout

Click your activity then “Start Workout”.


Step 5: Track your workout

Begin recording your workout. Click “Pause” when you are taking a break and then “Finish” when you have completed your workout.


Step 6: Submit your workout

Confirm and submit the workout to your personal profile on the NashVitality website by clicking “Log Your Workout”. If you wish, you may edit your distance or time manually.


Step 7: Confirm workout is posted to your profile

If this is your first time logging in, the app will then ask you to enter your e-mail address and Walk 100 Miles website password.  Click “Remember Me” to stay logged in for up to 30 days:


Once you’ve logged in, or, if you were already logged in, the website will confirm your workout. Click the “My Stats” to view your personal logs and “Group Stats” for the combined logs of all group members. Note it will take up to 30 minutes for the My Stats/Group Stats to update your most recent workout record.


From the confirmation screen, you can check your profile on the nashvitality website and view the history of your Walk 100 Mile activities. Alternatively, you can go back to the NashVitality Mobile App home screen and record another workout!

Other NashVitality App Features

Other features of the app include interactive maps for all types of activities including walking, hiking, biking, water access, and much more. Every section of the app has the "Explore Near Me" option which when clicked will display all category results in your immediate vicinity.


If you need further instructions, click the information button “i” on the app.